How to Move the Refrigerator to Avoid Blisters?

If you are planning on moving home, then you should consider carefully what you should prepare. One of the things you need to prepare is a hauling suit to help you move your goods. Therefore you should search for a reliable carrier like We Like To Move It, Move It !! LLC, besides, We Like To Move It, Move It !! LLC also offers a fairly affordable price for you. Talking about moving home then this time will discuss tips on how to properly move the refrigerator. It seems pretty trivial is not it? But you know, it turns out the mistake in moving the refrigerator can damage the components in it. You will be helped if your refrigerator has four wheel axles so it is easy to move by simply shifting and pushing it. But if not, you need to be more careful when moving it. Here are some tips on moving the refrigerator!

Things to do before moving the refrigerator:
Liquid ice flower
Turn the refrigerator panel to defrost mode. Many of us encounter frozen water deposits in freezers like an icy flower. Under normal conditions, this process will take about 6-8 hours. You should do at night so that the morning to stay to dispose of water and dry it.
Empty the refrigerator
After the ice flower melts, remove all the food and drinks in the refrigerator. Choose foods that are still good and set aside or remove the withered ones. Pack in plastic bags or boxes.
Remove the shelves inside
It’s good that all the shelves, compartments and trays in the refrigerator are temporarily removed. Then, wrap each one with a cloth or paper to then reassemble after the transfer process is complete.
Unplug the power
Unplug the power supply and leave it first for a few hours to clean up. Wipe and gently wipe each corner with a soft cloth.
Refrigeration Movement Process

Things to consider when moving the refrigerator:
If necessary, close the refrigerator with a soft cloth or cardboard. This can reduce the risk of abrasions due to impact when transferred.
Transport with standing position
Gradually, transport the refrigerator in a standing position, do not put to sleep. Inside the refrigerator, there is an important electronic component called a compressor. The wrong position when transporting will cause an oil leak in the compressor.
Use the tools
Ask for help from family or friends to transport the refrigerator. To facilitate the transfer process, use tools such as hand trucks, dolly straps or lifting straps.
Note the position of the refrigerator placement
Notice in positioning the refrigerator after moving. Try not to direct the refrigerator, leave a few hours after moving, ideally 2-3 hours. Do not put the refrigerator together with the wall or other objects on the back and right side of the body of the refrigerator, give a few centimeters, remember in the refrigerator body there is a condenser pipe/heat dissipation (try to hold the body of the fridge must feel warm/hot).
Put the shelves back inside
After the move is complete, reattach the shelves, compartments, and trays previously released temporarily. If already plug the power connection to turn on the refrigerator.
That’s the tips from to move the refrigerator when moving.