Several processes of the plastic surgery

In the plastic operation process, several known types of plastic surgery; in the community and often done by many people of course p [rosesnya different in accordance with the type of plastic surgery performed. In the meantime, you can also visit rhinoplasty Seattle if you look for the best result of a plastic surgery.

Some types and processes of plastic surgery include:

Operation of the nose to be sharp

To make the nose look sharp, the augmentation rhinoplasty, then insert a new bone implant in the form of silicon or imitation bone taken from the patient’s cartilage. Of course, to insert the implant requires surgery to sneeze and slicing the nose in order to freely insert the implant.

Eye surgery to appear to increase eye crease (double eyelid).

The trick with the incision of the eye in order to get the appropriate eyelid double eye pattern, even if still lacking, will be done the abrasive scrape of the eye bone in order to get the pattern of epi-canthoplasty or enlarge the eye.

The operation makes the nose grow longer

This operation is known for rhinoplasty for longer nasal length. This is common for patients whose noses are flat and short bones. How to insert both silicon implant and bone imitation of the patient’s own taken from the cartilage of other body parts. Sure to insert, making the ideal nose pattern required nose surgery with a knife. Hell yes.