Minimalist Pool Design

In today’s modern era, home design trends apply a minimalist model, so it should also be possible to apply to a swimming pool by simply installing semi frameless pool fences. If you have a piece of land that is not so wide in the back of the house and confused to use it as a room what, then a swimming pool with a minimalist design is the right choice.

During the summer months, the pool is a great way to rest. The swimming pool can also have a therapeutic option, especially if you decide to have a spa feature installed in your pool. You can spend more time with your loved ones and make some fun memories in your pool.

If at first, you want to use the land as a garden, then the idea of making a minimalist swimming pool is also you can combine with the presence of plants or green trees around it. So you will get two benefits at once. The following will present some minimalist pool models that might inspire you!

Model 1
This minimalist rectangular pool like this is often adopted in minimalist houses. The shape is not wide but elongated is the result of a good idea in utilizing the area of the room.

Model 2

Tiny, beautiful, and elegant, the right word to describe this minimalist swimming pool. Equipped with a mini waterfall and surrounding greenery, adding to the aesthetic value of this open space.

Model 3
The swimming pool looks beautiful, especially at night thanks to the nice lighting arrangements. Surrounded by the greenery of plants and waterfalls coming from piles of rocks, this minimalist swimming pool looks so natural and beautiful.

Model 4
As previously mentioned, the design of the elongated shaped pool like this is a good choice to apply in a minimalist home. Minimalist swimming pool like this is even enough for you and your children.