Do not Damage Marine Ecosystems With Trash!

Mangrove ecosystems and coral reefs can be disrupted due to the presence of plastic waste. Plastic waste can be caught in the mangrove root. This causes the mangrove cannot breathe and interfere with its growth. So also with coral reefs. These marine plants will be hard to breathe if the surface is covered with plastic.

Now you already know the dangers of plastic waste for living things living in the sea? Therefore, reduce the use of plastic as much as possible. Bring your own drink and grocery bag from home so that it does not use plastic. In addition, do not throw garbage carelessly. If you still throw garbage away, let alone throw it into the sea, then you need to visit and see the impact you can cause because of it!

Be human being that responsible for the environment. You just need to do small things, such as reducing the use of plastic. With that, you have a little help to extend the life of the earth.