Things To Look For Before Buying A Carpet

Do you feel lazy to clean your carpet, if yes, you can visit and we will help you to clean your carpet. To create the maximum look of the carpet as part of the interior space, there are some things that need to be a concern.

1. Know the ingredients
Rugs made of wool, silk, cotton, sisal, jute, seagrass (seagrass), and bamboo are the best. Moreover, the process of making use the skills of handcrafted. No wonder the price is very expensive.

2. Variant of motif and color
Persian (now Iran), Turkey, India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan are landscape-patterned, geometric, rich-patterned rugs, featuring natural sides like plants and animals. Natural motifs are generally used in classic and modern style residential interiors, while geometric motifs are used to create ethnic and contemporary styles. Selection of motifs and colors is very instrumental in enliven the room, and make it as an accent in order to create a characterless room.