Dangers of Caffeine For Diabetes

In people with type 2 of Diabetes who consume coffee for a long time, the body tries to make more insulin to remove sugar from the bloodstream. This is called the “tolerance effect”. The effect of this tolerance will be formed after four weeks of consuming the coffee. Visit https://www.somanindonesia.co.id/ to get the cure.

But apparently, the dangers of caffeine have no effect on those who do not have diabetes. Caffeine is allegedly lowered risk of developing diabetes in the non-sufferer. But that does not mean caffeine consumption can be unlimited. In adults who do not have diabetes, caffeine consumption is limited to 400 mg per day. The amount is not only obtained by drinking coffee, but also other drinks containing caffeine such as tea, soft drinks, chocolate, or drugs.

The effect of caffeine will be different for each person. If you have diabetes or are struggling to control your blood sugar levels, it is advisable to limit the consumption of caffeine in your drink. In addition, consult your doctor for advice on the dangers of caffeine and diabetes suffered.