Smart technology based on Wi-Fi

Equipped with Extreme Flexibility feature is a unique program to set the device to produce a temperature that suits the needs, such as room temperature for family and room temperature for work. Interestingly, you can set and schedule the temperature generated by the device so even when you live out of town or when the room is not used for work, then automatically thermostat produced by us will reduce the temperature generated so it is guaranteed not to waste energy.

Because this Thermostat brings smart technology based on Wi-Fi, then you can easily control the temperature in the room through applications that are available for free for iOS and Android users. So if suddenly significant temperature changes in the home or filters of your home’s temperature regulator require periodic replacement, the Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat will automatically send notifications to your smartphone, tablet or computer screen. For security features, this room temperature control device is also equipped with advanced locking feature with password options. The lock feature will display a setting menu for 30 seconds to give you a chance to clean the thermostat.