Know more about the mosquitos

The mosquito is known as the most deadly pest in the world with its small size. Mosquitoes can spread diseases such as dengue fever and Zika Virus with just one bite from infected mosquitoes, humans have long been in touch and fighting with this annoying insect. Do you know? Mosquitoes can not see well and they depend on their sense of smell to find their prey. In the meantime, perhaps calling the best company of insect exterminator near you can always help you to check out the condition of your house.

Here are 5 also why mosquitoes bite you:

Female mosquitoes need blood to support their egg development.

Their peak time for feeding is near dawn or in the evening.

The heat and carbon dioxide you spend is bigger.

You just finished exercising.

You wear dark clothes that give a better contrast for mosquitoes to land.

Here are some simple tips you can do yourself at home (Do It Yourself Tips) to provide protection for your home and family:

Put the mosquito net.

Use insect repellent.

Wear long sleeves.

Clean and dry water inundated; clean up the breeding grounds.

Keep the room cool.

Most mosquito breeding sites are found in housing. Homeowners should raise awareness by eliminating breeding sources in order to effectively break the cycle of deadly circles.

While DIY treatments work to prevent and protect your family and loved ones from mosquitoes, professional help can improve protection to control mosquito populations both inside and outside the home.

A mosquito bite is usually not painful, but the itching is followed by a bite that can cause discomfort. However, over the years, the number of dengue fever cases and reported casualties has been quite alarming.

Dengue fever is a contagious tropical disease caused by dengue virus transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes. It can develop into a more deadly disease known as dengue hemorrhagic fever and cause death. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 50-100 million people are infected with dengue every year globally and about 3 out of 100 infected with dengue fever are fatal.