Question Type on the TOEFL test

In the workplace, the required TOEFL score also varies according to the needs of each agency. So how many TOEFL scores you need will depend on your needs. In addition to TOEFL, you also need a B1 cefr test, so before you do some tests above it would be better if you first visit the website

Regardless, there are four parts tested in the TOEFL Test. Here’s the review!

1. Listening Comprehension – This section is used to test the ability of test participants in listening to speech or spoken language conducted in English. Participants are expected to be able to listen to every conversation (both dialog and monologue) coming from a tape recorder or other audio media.

2. Structure and Written Expression – This section is used to determine the grammatical abilities of test participants, including the styles of written language in English. Participants are expected to choose the most appropriate answer to complete a sentence and also have to find the error contained in a sentence.

3. Reading Comprehension – This section is aimed at understanding participants’ comprehension of written texts in English. In general, test takers are expected to answer questions about the specific meanings, ideas, information and specific vocabulary contained in the tested passages.

4. Test Of English Written (TWE) – This section is devoted to knowing the ability of test takers in doing writing in English. In this test, test participants are given a specific topic or theme and are then asked to write an idea about the theme. However, not all TOEFL tests test TWE, even just a few who include it as one of the test material.