How is South Tangerang City Today?

South Tangerang City, the youngest region of the autonomous division of Banten province. Tangerang Selatan is one of the capital city of Jakarta Capital City. As the era progresses, and the increasing rate of population growth in Indonesia, population density is also a population issue in the city of Tangerang Regency. Tangerang with the capital and its geographical location as the gateway of DKI Jakarta from the west will cause an interaction that foster phenomenon of interdependence or interdependence which then impact on the growth of the region. Related news and updates around the city of Tangerang, you can see at

This condition will automatically trigger the emergence of population mobility in the area of ??South Tangerang. With the characteristics of population mobility and status as a buffer zone of the capital city, will result in high rate of population growth in the South Regency area of ??Tangerang City. This has an impact on the large population and high density. Today, society is no longer difficult to move from one place to another. The development of the times has proved. Starting from the people who travel by Ontel bicycle, motorcycle, until then using a four-wheeled vehicle like a car.