Offset Technological Progress

People are now more interacting with increasingly sophisticated machine tools. Even shopping events that are an opportunity to meet many people have now turned into online shopping that does not require the need to have a conversation or bargain between the seller and the buyer. Now let’s see in our family. If not careful, our families will not be immune to the sophistication of technological gadget that escape from positive influences, bringing a negative influence as well, one of which makes humans into a very individual being.

Especially in modern families living in big cities, where working parents must leave early in the morning to anticipate traffic jams. And the children go to school till late afternoon because of so many school activities. If we are not good at taking the time, then the interaction in the family will be lost. Though the interaction needed in the family is not just about conveying a message, an interaction that shows emotional closeness, caring and affectionate interaction, which will not be perfectly formed if it is only done through electronic conversation.