Do not Want to Eat Rice? Burger Being The Right Choice For You!

The burger buns look bigger than a regular fast-food burger. There was a long scar that seemed to cut through two sides of the bun. There is a sprinkling of sesame on a burger bun. The bread texture is soft but not too soft. The stuffed burger itself was beef bacon, onion rings, cheese sheets and a patty of beef. This veggie burger is then given a BBQ sauce. The smell of smoky did smell strong enough when the burger was delivered to the table. Beef bacon tasted savory and not hard. The patty is not too thick and soft. When all the burgers are eaten, they taste quite unique. A blend of smoky flavor from BBQ sauce, beef bacon, patty, savory cheese and a crisp sensation of sweet onion rings. Delicious! Suitable for BBQ spice enthusiasts. Get ready to fall apart to eat it. As per the tagline, ‘It’s Gonna Get Messy!’ For those of you fans of burger menus in Carls Jr., this is a good time for you to come early around 5 am and 5:30 am to Carls Jr Breakfast Time.

Portobello Burger is the next destination. This favorite burger has stuffed portobello mushrooms. There was a blackish-looking blackish mush peeking behind the bun. When the bread is opened, the burger consists of fresh lettuce, beef patty, portobello mushroom stir, mushroom cream sauce, melted cheese, mayonnaise, onion slices, and tomatoes. For the drink, you can try the blend of Carl’s Jr. milkshake Like the taste of cookies and cream. Milkshake creamy flavor is very tasty and refreshing!