Do not Let Wall Painting Exfoliate

Why can the newly painted house wall peel? The case of peeling wall paint or flaking is very frequent and cause annoyance so sometimes, we hastily blame the paint we buy, without searching the source first. To avoid this you can use our house painters services.

Flaking paint can occur because the condition of the wall is moist. This can be caused by water seepage from the gutters whose construction is not good or the condition of the wall adjacent to the park. The high groundwater content in the garden will creep up on the pores of the walls so that the wall is always wet. Or it could be because the process of wall work is not good.

The mixture of poorly fitting cement and sand or an aging drying process, causing the wall still contains high alkali salts. If this happens then you have to renovate the house wall because the problem is already related to home construction.