How to Generate Hundreds of Seminar Participants in 60 Minutes?

You who often hold public events must know one of the most important things for the success of the event is the presence of participants, especially participants who pay. But to bring in paid participants is not easy. You have various ways to bring participants can be free or paid, but here I discussed the paid way because it proved effective and not waste time. For free promotion I still do as through social media but the goal is just for branding, thank goodness that there is a list means indeed my livelihood. Paid promotions can be through TV, Radio, Newspapers, Facebook Ads, Google AdWords etc. Therefore another thing is also should be consider during the planning of the event. One of the things is about the catering. You have to detail to fin the trusted one. Therefore, I recommend fuar hostesi for the best catering for your event.
Furthermore, here are some tips to generate hundreds of seminar participants in 60 minutes!

1. 3E (Exercise, Exercise, Exercise)
Not how long you perform but how long you exercise for that performance is that much more important. By practicing in front of others then we will get insert for improvement.
Make sure you get these two things:
What’s good?
What needs to be improved?
Exercise with the record is also very good because you cannot lie. Unlike practicing in front of the mirror, if we see the appearance in front of the mirror is not good we immediately fix if the record we just know good bad after it is done.

2. Talk show Flow
Talk show divided by each series in high ads for 5 minutes.
Session 1 Introduction,
This session we multiply why. Why listeners should listen to talk shows until the end and followed by endorsement.
Why, in content with personal experience about career, business and sales are increasing thanks to the learning of presentation. If you do not have personal stories then use someone else’s story. Illustrate in story form, because listeners are more interested in refreshing the story.
Session 2 on sharing science and selling,
You have to share your knowledge first, make the listener feel the benefits not only make them curious. A common mistake when promoting a talk show is simply to make the listener curious.

3. Sharing Benefits
That need to be understood not everyone who likes to be directly excluded, therefore first you must share the benefits first and you must share knowledge. Just as I do in this website I share knowledge and then selling.
If your duration is short then try to share more knowledge to open mindset not technical. With sharing first then we can educate and give picture of what benefits obtained for the future for them.
If this has been done then the converse registration of the participants will increase but remember here you educate open give a promise lie or even to deceive them with incorrect information.